Palette to Podium

Things We Built
Artistic Aspirations: Unleashing Creativity for Pi Wars In a pivot from our traditional focus, Team Cyberwar is delving deep into the artistic realm for Pi Wars 2024, aiming to harness a blend of aesthetics and technology for an unforgettable presentation. Recognizing the potential for a substantial points haul, we’re embracing a holistic approach to capture both the judges’ imagination and a hefty slice of the available points for artistic merit and embodying the most disastrous theme.

Blueprints to Bytes

Things We Built
Navigating the Circuit: From Blueprint to Reality in Our Robot’s Software Architecture In the dynamic world of robotics, the journey from a meticulously crafted plan to its practical implementation is often as fascinating as the challenges the robot is designed to overcome. As Team Cyberwar gears up for Pi Wars 2024, our ambition to showcase the prowess of full autonomy in robotics has led us to chart out an intricate software architecture blueprint.