Circuiting Success: The PCB That's Driving Us Forward

Things We Built
Powering Innovation - The PCB Behind Our Pi Wars Robot A Foundation for the Future In our quest to dominate Pi Wars, the heart of our robot’s prowess lies in a meticulously designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB), conceived and realized by our very own Robert K. This PCB is not just a circuit; it’s the central nervous system of our entry, embodying innovation, resilience, and adaptability. Design Specification Power: 3S battery system with XT30 connectors and a barrel jack, featuring over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current protection via eFuses.

Trailblazing Tech:Yukon vs. Our Custom PCB. Electronics Competition in the Pi Wars Arena

Things We Built
The Robotics Revolution: Pimoroni’s Yukon vs. Our Custom PCB In the evolving world of robotics, the choice between modular platforms and custom-built solutions is a pivotal decision for teams. Pimoroni’s recent release of the Yukon, a RP2040 based board, has sparked interest among robotics enthusiasts, including our team. Here’s a closer look at how Yukon stacks up against our custom PCB designed for the Pi Wars robot. The Core of Innovation: Pimoroni’s Yukon Pimoroni’s Yukon emerges as a high-power modular robotics platform, built around the versatile RP2040 chip.