Ackermann Maths

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Unveiling the Mathematics Behind Independent Four-Wheel Drive with “Virtual” Ackermann Steering In our journey to harness the full potential of Overwhelming Surplus of Diggity (OSoD), we delve into the intricate world of mathematics that underpins our innovative approach. Whether we’re commanding OSoD in skid steering mode or leveraging its unique “virtual” Ackermann steering, the foundation lies in calculating the wheel speeds and steering angles using a concept known as “inverse kinematics.

Unraveling the Eco-Disaster Challenge

Things We Built
Unraveling the Eco-Disaster Challenge: Insights from Team OSoD Welcome to our latest technical blog post, where we delve into the intricate strategies and technological advancements of our Pi Wars robot, the Overwhelming Surplus of Diggity (OSoD). Our team has been hard at work strategizing for the Eco-Disaster challenge, a task that involves sorting contaminated barrels within a specific time frame. Here, we’ll explore our approaches, sensor integration, and estimated run times for the different options being evaluated.